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*Pose Maker




*Colour Palettes and Patterns

*Skin Colours

*How To Draw Hands

*How To Draw Cuts And Bruises

*How To Draw Fabric Folds/Creases

*How To Draw Noses

*How To Draw Lips

*How To Draw Hair

*How To Draw Photorealistic Foliage

*How To Draw Light And Shadow

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9 FavoritesRené Gruau

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J.C. Leyendecker


J.C. Leyendecker

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Patrick Jacobs

“Jacobs’s dioramas provide peeks into a world in which reality is presented in such exquisite detail it begins to look surreal.

The artist draws from art history and garden pest control brochures alike to create miniature 3D works of art, viewed through a circular glass lens. Viewers get the impression that they are looking into another realm, simultaneously natural and constructed, familiar and unknown. In a way, we get a taste for a fish’s life from inside the bowl.”

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